Ahead of World Sleep Day Westin Hotels Resorts 

first_imgAhead of World Sleep Day, Westin Hotels & Resorts – announces its latest programme, championing a more sound slumber for travellers around the world.Popular mentality has previously promoted the late-night grind followed by the early wake-up, a new generation of thought leaders, taste-makers and travellers have begun taking a stand to save their right to rest. Further denouncing the idea that “pulling an all-nighter” is en-vogue, Westin puts sleep shaming to bed.Westin is encouraging an emerging pro-sleep movement and pledging to support the World Sleep Society for those who use the #SleepStrong hashtag to showcase their “best rest” on Instagram and twitter. World Sleep Society is an esteemed non-profit organisation whose mission is to advance sleep health worldwide and who shares the Westin brand’s commitment to raising awareness about the benefits of a better night’s sleep.Turn-in, power-down & pledge to #SleepStrong with a “Bedtime Call” to bookend your wake up callWestin continues to find new ways to empower guests to regain control of their well-being and get their best rest while on the road. Beginning today through April 2017, the brand will pilot a “Bedtime Call” giving travellers the option to schedule a restful reminder for when they should turn-in and power-down to get a great night’s sleep. Guests can opt in upon request through the Westin Service Express team, who will schedule the “Bedtime Call” based on when they need to be up in the morning, guided by recommendations from World Sleep Society.last_img