Meet the candidates for Hamilton West Ancaster Dundas

Hamilton West Ancaster Dundas is a newly-formed riding for the 2018 provincial election. But some of the candidates vying to represent the area are familiar faces.Ted McMeekin believes the Liberals are regaining support since Kathleen Wynne’s debate performance.“You know, the good lord made the world round so none of us could look too far ahead down the road.”The 70 year-old says he feels like he retired 14 years ago and does his MPP work for fun. From what people tell him, he expects to keep his seat.“They say ‘I really like you Ted and I’m going to support you, in spite of how I’m feeling about the general scene.’ ”McMeekin says people want to stop Doug Ford, but PC Candidate Ben Levitt says what he hears at the door is fear of the NDP.“If you don’t like what the Liberals have done you’re going to be really scared of what the NDP has in store for you.”The 26 year-old was nominated twice for the Tories after the first battle was tainted by allegations of vote tampering and is still under investigation by police.He says the PC message is resonating.“The middle class tax is going to be cut by 20 per cent, we’re going to cut the gas tax by 10 per cent, we’re going to put money back in people’s pockets, it really excites people.”He says the PC platform financing has been clear.“The Liberal government says there’s no more money to find, I tell that to people at the doors and they laugh.We’re gonna get in there, find four cents on the dollar of efficiencies.”Peter Ormond is getting ready to give away a hundred pear trees at an annual event. This is is fourth time running for the Green Party.“The Trumpism, the Fordism, people are just saying screw it. We have to realize people have different views and that’s why proportional representation.”Candidate Sandy Shaw says from her perspective, Hamilton West Ancaster Dundas is ready for a hometown Andrea Horwath-led NDP government.“People are starting to realize what we know in Hamilton, that Andrea is a straight up hardworking woman who will be amazing as our next Premier and I’m hearing that here, that they know Andrea.”The NDP have said they would not form a coalition government with the Liberals but Ted McMeekin says his intuition tells him that’s what will happen on June 7; minority government, with a possible agreement between those parties.