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The reason of Google included less time for a long time

with a lot of people, most of that noble baby dance (just explain nobility baby Dance is noble baby regularly updated its indexing activities, give people the feeling is like dancing. Dance in this process, the noble baby stored in the index have been updated, the website ranking will be changed), if the site has a large number of repetitive content or acquisition, will cut the snapshot of the situation, change is caused by the normal update Google.

website cheating

, a Google dance

web site space is not stable, the record in view of the domestic situation, a considerable part of the site space in foreign countries, Hongkong’s international bandwidth is only 1M, the IP also frequently blocked, frequently open website. Open or too slow. Google’s response is sensitive, continuous updates can catch that information, then your station is from the database cleanup is not far away. Because Google thought your site has been closed, or the relevant page does not exist, then removed from the index database. The second day when the spider to grab and put the URL address database join. read more

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The website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of several major advantages

advantage: precise flow. Now the ranking system is more professional, according to the audience in the network search word and click rate for each website ranking, if website ranking in front, so we can get good results, on the other hand, if the position in comparison on the location, so it is difficult to get a good effect. Because the website ranking means that it is difficult to find the consumer so click rate, not to buy, it is relatively low. Shanghai Longfeng optimization play the most important function is the most scientific way, the comprehensive ranking website promotion in the front position, consumers can see at a glance, and then you can get on the site, forming a virtuous cycle. read more

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Grass root webmaster how to bypass the sandbox wise remark of an experienced person

as a new term, "grass root" webmaster without Baidu and brother of the valley is thoroughly tempered won’t really understand what is the search engine. Wait for 24 hours every day all soak in the online website, hard hard maybe in the end did not see any results, even the most basic site home page and inside pages included are not guaranteed, is cheating! To talk about the experience of 5 months following the author with his own new sites, how to enter the sandbox brewing disaster how to stand out of the shadow of K, who just entered the station to do new grass root webmaster have a simple for you about the wise remark of an experienced person, my bitter experience. read more

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Domain name website optimization selection also can not ignore the user experience

The highest level

what kind of domain name is the good domain name? The author once wrote "analysis" methods based on the domain name of the website optimization, website optimization system described in view of how to choose the domain name. It should be said that the user experience and site optimization is the same strain, has a good user experience of the website domain name, is more conducive to the implementation of site optimization. The site is to give users see, buy domain name based on the user experience, but also more in line with the purpose of website construction. Specifically, is the domain name in the purchase, more from the user’s point of view to think about to imagine. Professional website construction company pilot technology, good domain name must be short enough, and must give full consideration to the user habits. read more

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How to make Shanghai Longfeng brand fast highlights

market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the network marketing was filled with thick smoke. How to build the brand, let Shanghai Longfeng brand fast highlights, this is indeed a problem worth thinking for people. Many people say that to build a brand, but the brand is easy, especially a lot of grassroots no money, no contacts, and what to rely on to build their own brand? Shaanxi Shanghai dragon also often think, how to quickly win, have their own brand effect, instead of being submerged in the sight of others. read more

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Huang Zumin love Shanghai keywords ranking home tactics


is the original article can quickly enhance the website weight and keywords ranking, the original article the spider crawling time is longer, so as to enhance the rapid grab article, love Shanghai overnight snapshot update. My blog is just set up, write a original articles every day, now ALEXA is ranked 2 million, Shanghai love weight is very high, basically a post a few minutes included, is to update the snapshot overnight. Write articles about the need to write a high quality original article, for ER, the main Shanghai dragon is the execution, Zac daily post, Lou loose 2 days a stick, Yue Hao 1 Monday article essence of original articles and so on, are fully demonstrated the importance of writing original high quality articles. read more

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The new era of Shanghai dragon seeking survival independent blog

model is a single ad end

more is the establishment of the brand

domestic independent domain name and update the personal blog, but many webmaster, plus the search engine algorithm is constantly updated, independent blog basically coming to an end. But the Shanghai self update algorithm Scindapsus, BBS signature is considered garbage after the chain, whether independent blog webmaster can rise again, have not thought about and in the forum to do outside the chain, the chain is not independent of the blog. To survive in this new era of independent blog Shanghai dragon under what is read more

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Wu Wenhui Shanghai is the long tail keywords know sex weapon

?For example, a

3. using competitor meta tags in your long tail keywords

1. love Shanghai search box enter your target keywords, get the long tail keywords in the drop-down box in

5. use brainstorming to collect high quality long tail keywords

a lot of friends before sex when Shanghai know no systematic to do more, with no other effective way, so the effect has been to reach the expected goal, so many people still can not find a good way, I personally feel that the first to establish a long tail keywords record form, and then combined with the following methods to ensure the system of record. read more

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The website search ranking murder triggered

now in the rapid development of the Internet market, the website has become a lot of enterprises can not access platform, the degree of attention of the website is suddenly increased, so the number of sites has become a blowout. With the surge in the number of sites, users of the site quality requirements have become more and more high, whether it is the interface or the function requirements are high. So many enterprises in order to cater to the needs of users of the website, to attract users and retain users, for their own corporate profits. read more

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Website optimization Web site Standardization URL canonicalization

L 贵族宝贝domain贵族宝贝/index.html

L 贵族宝贝domain贵族宝贝

L 贵族宝贝domain贵族宝贝

L 贵族宝贝domain贵族宝贝/

HTTPS is encrypted web site, can be understood as a safe version, HTTP port: 443, using the SSL protocol, see the "TCP/IP agreement" on the books. And if http>

causes irregular siteThe


search engine will automatically select the most appropriate URL as a web site. As everyone knows, we open the IE enter the URL in the address bar, according to their user experience different habits, different ways of input. This is why there will be irregularities in the web site. Such as: read more

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The use of writing labels in Shanghai Longfeng in some commonly used symbols

may have some friends who have seen the underlined in the title, there are some owners to use the underscore as a delimiter, but underline "_" is just an ordinary letter rather than a delimiter. The definition of hyphens is a text index separate mark. So, suggest you Adsense then write Title try not to use the underscore as delimiters.

today to talk about a Shanghai dragon symbol in the problem, it is mainly used in the title of Title symbol, use is the delimiter. When writing title, often to be included in the multiple keywords, how to make these key words but also let the search engine from the association of distinction, it is necessary to understand the different uses and function symbols. read more

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Virtual son rain analysis of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis report keywords ranking and flow

site keywords ranking is very important, good keywords ranking is our website optimization goal, fundamental and independent website profitable. Some people say: independent web site keywords my ranking is not very good, but also profitable, why is this? Is this kind of friends consider only a part of the keywords ranking, some invisible is not considered, a website to be profitable, there must be customers to have traffic, a keyword no ranking is not possible for us to profit. Keywords the friend said ranking is mostly target keywords ranking, sometimes because the company in the industry famous degree is high, the brand keywords benefits would be more effective than target keywords. So when analyzing web site keywords ranking will need to distinguish keywords to analysis. read more

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The three station provided details of the optimization of efficient parsing stick users

two, the recommended readingRecommended reading of traditional

who did Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster that added to the site of their optimal operation adverse slide. In fact, personally think that everything has two sides, the key is how you look at it. For the user experience, in fact, the slide is most likely to attract the attention of the user forum, because the general slide is larger with the title, just like the picture form in popular. Then we should be how to optimize the setting slide, instantly attracted the attention of users, so as to improve the user experience? First, to abandon the traditional thinking, website ranking is not good is not the reason for the slide, spiders don’t know the slide, when a spider climb to slide that a piece of code, will skip the but, in the snapshot display is blank. The slide is not the pursuit of large, right, many people think that the slide should be large enough style, is actually small slides, slides can also attract the attention of users, such as the map: read more

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The search engine spider crawling rule quest two whether the chain of timeliness

first, the chain page has been deleted, the chain is


"one of the search engine spiders crawling spider to grab the link" quest of writing from the more than 20 day today, wanted to keep going, but after finished first, suddenly had no idea. Today with friends say the timeliness of the chain, that is to say the chain will not be failure.

the answer may be surprising to many, the chain page where no snapshot still can be effective. The reason I can view on the spider to grab the links in this article to write, after the spiders to crawl the page, will separate the content and links, the link is URL will add a URL index library, and spider crawling is starting from this web site index database. read more

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There is a market analysis from the perspective of the reader what kind of soft Wen


"what to write, NAG Leng is more than 1000 words, do not know what is the theme of this article

If you often go to the

1 reasonable segmentation, use boldface or Arabia digital

believe this is the most often complain that everyone read things, many authors nag has written a long text, but let the reader, do not understand what is said here, so this article will have a market? Editors every day to read hundreds of articles, if you can’t let the editor understand the meaning of inside in a short period of time, you feel that others will continue to read? Apparently not, so when writing we must pay attention to the white, the article presents the subject as soon as possible, do not hide. read more

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The three major factors in recent years the rapid development of Shanghai Dragon

also said Shanghai Longfeng no threshold, as long as any Internet friends can be engaged in the Shanghai dragon, but may have many webmaster to counter the "Shanghai dragon is to be able to read the website code!", but do not understand the code can be engaged in other aspects of the dragon and Phoenix in Shanghai, for example Links exchange and the website update and release. So now that the Internet everywhere is the name of Shanghai dragon training under the banner of the website, which each webmaster level is uneven, so the effect of training is not the same. read more

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Language learning translation services Duolingo financing 15 millionPrick one’s heart nternet Co

in "bitter" than before, to say, is not to say that all Internet companies in the new board are not going well, there are still a lot of financial company a lot of money in the new board, the growth performance is also good, the company will be listed at the end of it.

Internet listed company: my pain, you do not understand.

not long winded, representative to throw a few examples of poor performance surface:

but you need strong capital support to get through the burn out period. Nine words before and after the listing of listed technology in raising a total of nearly 400 million yuan, of which there are thousands of admission control Wang Yawei capital, the company’s Beijing Weichuang Fortis Internet investment center and other well-known venture capital investment company jingwei. read more

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Grassroots violence surplus 28 and its twin brothersEntrepreneurship tracking projects coming out of

is a real gangster U88 franchise business network, 28 network and 3158 network rich Merchants join these three companies, they almost dominated the exhibition industry investment. "The three companies currently sales are quite large, the water for at least seven or eight million, more than twenty million of the profits." A former 3158 senior executive, who declined to be named, said. Over the past few years, they have been in the portal page, "Reference News", "business" and other print media advertising; in the past one or two years, is signed Wei Fan, Wang Gang, Zhang Tielin, Baoqiang Wang and other stars, generous promotion in the CCTV and local TV stations, the momentum is not less than the melatonin. "The highest time, 28 opportunities network advertising costs 1.2 million a year."." Another unnamed 28 former executives said. read more

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With the ringing of the Grand Alliance Sina advertisingGive your attention to the alliance and throw

Sina search "ask" the day before "ringing calls paid advertising advertising revenue. Following the personal blog, ringing and search advertising into a platform alliance.

data show that since the launch of the new extension of interactive advertising business, the trigger rate has been more than 3 months ago increased by 15%, enhance the click rate is close to 10%, the media alliance daily traffic has more than 500 million times, more than 2000 websites and the extension of cooperation, 163, , MSN, and other domestic top 500 china the website of nearly 200 media alliance members become extension. read more

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Through the Silicon Valley innovation and entrepreneurship competition the semi finals start 104 en

, vice mayor of Luoyang, Chen Shuxin and other leaders attended the press conference.

May 26th, 2016 Luoyang through Silicon Valley innovation contest press conference held ceremoniously in Luoyang National University Science Park at the same time, 2016 Luoyang through Silicon Valley innovation and entrepreneurship contest the semi-finals officially started, 104 entrepreneurial teams and companies from all over the country in the field of competition. Headlines as a collaborative media to attend the meeting. read more

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