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Henan continues to help the poor how to do the donation process transparent

in our daily life, economic development of each region is not the same, some developed city people’s living standard is good, but some city development is relatively backward, people’s living standard needs to be improved. Poverty as a "number one livelihood projects" has always been a concern of the whole society, in order to better help in tackling poverty, in October 17th, the third national "poverty day" on the occasion, Henan province poverty alleviation fund was set up in Zhengzhou, the inaugural meeting also introduced a care package donation project, urged the public to participate in the cause of poverty alleviation. read more

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What you need to know about opening a clothing store in the country

now the development of the countryside with each passing day, many rural people have begun to pay attention to dress up, so there is a market in the countryside to open a clothing store. Do you know how to open a clothing store in the countryside? Do you want to know how to make money in the countryside?.

selected stock market is more important to know about the clothing, clothing, color collocation, selection, have deep understanding! Now too much of the town of small shops selling clothing, too complex!   only the independence, innovation, talents have a way out… read more

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Zhengzhou Airlines how to build cross border electricity supplier

With the continuous strengthening of economic globalization, the rapid development of the Internet, the electricity supplier is also in full swing in the development of

. In order to go out of the electricity supplier is very good, so many places began to build cross-border electricity supplier. So, Zhengzhou Airlines how to build cross-border electricity supplier? The following and small series of specific understanding.

as an important component of China (Zhengzhou) cross-border e-commerce integrated test area, the development of Zhengzhou airport road? July 19th, the region held a mobilization meeting of the region, 2 years to achieve cross-border electricity supplier annual turnover of $6 billion target. read more

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Library to build a global lean entrepreneurial platform concept

era of science and technology is developing rapidly, so the strength library soaring, access to many entrepreneurs today too sure base then the new tactics, and strive to build lean global business platform, benefiting more entrepreneurs.

2014, on the reform of system and mechanism innovation, step by step sonorous and forceful let us usher in a new era, public entrepreneurship, innovation ", also let" Chinese wisdom "in the world increasingly The brightness dazzles the eyes. However, in the eyes of many customers, the challenge has just begun. read more

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How to join the South Beauty

South Beauty since its inception to now more than 16 years, is now an international well-known catering management services Brand Company, South Beauty since opened the first shop to now has branches throughout the country, the catering business to join, the following Xiaobian to introduce how to join the South Beauty Furniture body.

join conditions:

1, in the course of the development of social responsibility to undertake the obligations of enterprises through tax.

2, strict food quality safety control, the kitchen is open to South beauty. read more

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What can teachers do part time jobs

when the teacher, in teaching and educating people, there are a lot of free time, how to use this free time to start a business has become a lot of teachers ideas. So, what can teachers do part-time jobs? Let Xiaobian to introduce several business opportunities.

1, part-time teachers can do? In Taobao to open a small shop, as long as the Internet will be able to read the tutorial can be very simple, may encounter difficulties in the early stages but certainly good results. More leisure time this is the best way to make money, low investment risk. read more

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Novice cosmetics shop needs to pay attention to matters

beauty of the heart of all people, and every woman like the United States, even a long general girl, will make up for their deficiencies by make-up, so women put a lot of money on cosmetics.

20% with the aid of the brand and non circulation brand well-known brands, the overall layout of cosmetics and make-up washing supplies about 50% of the area of daily necessities and paper and other maternal and child class accounted for 50% of the area, so our advantage is not obvious, the only advantage is that profit margins than super high point flexible mode of operation, marketing planning let the customer our advantage is still little.

position location: Katsuchi Nosuke decided the success or failure of war cloud soldiers illustrate the importance of location. Xing Xing also rely on the help of the location of the store decided to about 60% of turnover, as peers say the difference between the first step of the city of three, it can be seen that the location is very important to open shop.

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Large species of lotus root in rural areas to tell you about the rich business

in the rural areas, there are a lot of friends of farmers planting crops through build up the family fortunes. Many village farmer friend for lotus, a kind of large lotus called Wang Rui, the annual income in the village is the first. Although last year, the price of lotus root fell trough, but his kind of lotus root 667 M 2 (1 acres) revenue is still more than a thousand dollars. Today, we’ll listen to him talk about his wealth.

1, early word pledge

in lotus root vigorous growth, lotus body has just grown up when he began to dig. At this time the color of the lotus root is white, and it tastes crisp and tender, and the market is extremely short of time. However, this time will reduce the production of lotus root digging, so the vast majority of farmers do not want to dig at this time. Wang Rui is different from others, he is to take advantage of the opportunity to dig lotus, sold in the market, very popular with consumers, in one fell swoop sell a high price, although the production decreased, but the benefit is higher than usual doubled or even several times. read more

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Specialty bakery business opportunities


Chinese only know Steamed Buns for bread and steamed stuffed bun, what is not clear, not to mention the love, but with the development of economic globalization, the bread has become a part of many people’s daily food, so now to open a specialty bakery, a business fire.

now large bread’s products in grocery stores, convenience stores, bakeries and other shops, but a single flavor has made consumers feel tired, not fresh, the profit decreased year by year. The characteristics of the bakery and the unique flavor of freshly baked charm is still great demand. read more

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Nail shop should have these three aspects of knowledge

recently, the rapid development of cosmetic industry, has attracted the attention of many investors, many of whom want to open a nail shop. For the lack of experience for the first time entrepreneurs, want to successfully open a nail shop, you need to do a good job in the shop before the preparation, as a nail shop owner, should have the following knowledge

familiar with nail technology and products, equipment

In fact,

is not to say that nail shop will have to learn nail art, as an investor, you can only invest money, and then set up their own team to help you manage the nail shop, nail for the guests. However, Xiao Bian suggested that the owner is best to be familiar with nail technology, products and equipment, because in the nail shop franchise, will be exposed to these things. For example, to purchase their own goods, can make a reasonable purchase plan, cost savings; for instance Manicure division or guest encountered technical or production problems, if you can solve for them, they trust you will strengthen. read more

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The invention can save 1 million yuan a year

when the opportunity is really in front of you, all you need to do is hold on tight. Henan Yuguang zinc electrolysis plant three section two, past tinkling lively stripping of zinc scenes, but it is very cold today. Could it be discontinued maintenance?

3 at the beginning of the month, he suggested, to buy scrap cars on the "I-beam" to the section of their processing after the trial. Section immediately took his advice, I did not expect that the new material, sharp blade, as long as the plate and the zinc skin gap gently force, zinc peel off. The success of the pilot, the end of March, in the promotion of new weapons.

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What are the disadvantages of convenience store location

although people now know that want to run a successful business, a suitable site is natural. However, perhaps the lack of experience, the wrong location of the same big venture market. In particular, the existence of some ills, the convenience store will have a very big impact on the latter part of the operation. So, if we want to successfully run a convenience store, naturally need to circumvent these ills. So, what are the disadvantages of convenience store location?

(1) within a very small population read more

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Meishan city employment tackling award in recognition of the General Assembly on behalf of entrepren

Sichuan has been well known for living, but now Sichuan is not only suitable for living, but also very suitable for investment and entrepreneurship. Under the guidance of the government, corporate social groups to carry out entrepreneurial activities, achieved good results.

1 14, in Meishan in 2015, the year of entrepreneurship and employment in the annual meeting of the praise, the top of the entrepreneur and the support of the work of the group of 44 advanced collective won praise, and received a reward of $about 2000000 in 82. They have to give up the high paying jobs in Beijing, choose to return home to the Chinese people’s Congress, a graduate student; have to give up the middle management positions of well-known companies in Hongkong, home to do electricity supplier farmers…… This is since 2013, Meishan vigorously support entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial star rewards for three consecutive years. read more

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How to sell cigarettes in medium and large supermarkets

cigarette is not only an important commodity in the operation of the major retail stores, but also the major supermarkets will operate the goods. However, due to a variety of supermarket goods, cigarettes are often limited display, which will undoubtedly restrict the operation of cigarettes. I have 3 large supermarkets. As far as I have been doing business for many years, I would like to talk about the experience of how to better carry out the sale of cigarettes in a large supermarket.

many people are very clear now in large supermarket cigarette sales way at the cashier position, the use of glass cabinet display of cigarettes, or on the wall behind the cash register with the wall display display of cigarette goods. Simple look, indeed the display of goods can be dazzling, neat and standardized, my new source shop is also used in this way. read more

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Zhang Sheng not bad money business to business of sound and colour

how to run a shop, each operator will have their own set of standards and methods, many shop owners with the correct ways to make their business is booming, Zhang is such a shopkeeper. Zhang is a cigarette retail customers in Shanxi Pianguan County, who runs through in a "business method is not bad money", the business is of sound and colour.

he said: Cigarettes my technique is actually very simple classification to match up.

encountered foreign customers, I would recommend high-grade cigarettes, and to recommend them more cigarette brands, they do not bad money: because outsiders are generally go, where to buy". read more

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