Ten steps to open the shop easy to get investment

now, more and more people shop online, but there are a lot of people who are not familiar with the network also want to invest in open shop, then, in the online shop steps in the end is what? Today let’s take a look at the online shop ten steps.


Second step process

The third step flow shop

The fourth step flow shop

from channels and platforms you are familiar with the purchase, cost control and low-cost purchase is the key. Here you can choose another way to sell, for example, you can choose to sell the way, this is mainly for those who start less money shop owner. There are other sales model has yet to be studied and discussed!

The fifth step flow shop

log when there is a very important thing, is to set the price. Usually the site will provide the starting price, price, price of the project is set by the seller. Assume that sellers want to sell a purchase price of 100 yuan to 150 yuan to sell clothes. If it is