Hangzhou Jiande youth entrepreneurship contest ended successfully

youth entrepreneurship success rate in recent years has been greatly improved, which can not be separated from the continued introduction of local support policies to help. Under the leadership of different governments in different regions, support activities are not the same. Zhejiang, Jiande, held a creative contest for local young entrepreneurs, with innovative ideas to guide local youth entrepreneurship.

multi-creation future, Jiande dream. The afternoon of October 16th, the 2015 Jiande youth entrepreneurship contest finals in Longwen Yi Park at five / F, 10 outstanding young talent shows itself pioneering projects in this contest winners, attracted nearly 300 spectators to vote. City leaders Zhang Xigen, Zhang Zaolin, Lv Yong attended the event.

the tournament by the eight organizers, two units jointly organized, sustained attention of many provinces and cities of the media also add color for the contest will be held to. Since the August 1st start of Jiande youth entrepreneurship contest, outstanding youth from more than 10 colleges and universities, such as Zhejiang Tongji Jiande Ji and I declared more than 70 innovative projects, covering agriculture, science and technology, cultural and creative, business 4 categories, after preliminary examination, teacher evaluation, the final, I had a youth entrepreneurial creative ten, the final race to participate in the tournament.

the final scene, the organizers will be ten strong VCR play, let every one know the audience’s entrepreneurial mind. Then each player in the limited time of 5 minutes, to the audience to introduce their own entrepreneurial projects overview, meaning and so on. In the face of questions, the judges and the audience, the players also each answer freely.

coincidentally, Nanjing, Guangxi, Guangzhou and other places in recent years the successful hosting of the youth entrepreneurship contest, under the guidance of government departments, charitable organizations play expertise to create a social atmosphere and a good environment for youth entrepreneurship, which greatly improves the young entrepreneurs confidence and enthusiasm, realize the dream of entrepreneurship.

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