How to solve the financial problem of Spring Festival stocking

as long as the shop to sell goods, will involve the issue of stocking. And once the stock, naturally also need funds as the foundation. In short, retail, in an effort to purchase the good, the good intentions of sales at the same time, the most difficult to solve the need to focus on is liquidity, after all we do is to retail the cashflow, once the capital chain problems, it would be a very troublesome thing.

especially the Spring Festival stocking, need a lot of money, the slightest mistake will get stretched, now is the time for the Spring Festival stocking key ready money, please talk about how to solve the problem in the Spring Festival stocking fund management? We have what a good way to say to share with each other, but also to those who worry about the preparation of the Spring Festival retail friends to provide some reference!

Henan Nanyang retail Household Li Jinying

this topic is very grounded, I believe we have encountered in the previous business of this problem and to do this difficult, but also have their own solutions, I have done the same difficult.

started doing retail cost is small, do not know to prepare for the Spring Festival stocking in advance, until the time of the end of delivery, I was dumbfounded, feeling the need to store goods, nothing to what, however, that every kind of goods are in need of money, but the money come from?

at the end of the year, all funds are tight, sadly, they just set up shop, and wholesalers are not very familiar with, say, this time in a large wholesaler inventory, could not let me first after receipt of payment, you borrow it, everyone is preparing for the Spring Festival, even. In the face, for a thirty thousand five hundred also made me an utterly inadequate measure, like ants on a hot pan, anxious and angry, the most critical time, or the parents out of money and let me prepare the Spring Festival first purchase, in that year the Spring Festival, our family went to the year thirty before rushing to do a simple point of the special purchases for the Spring Festival, though the family did not say what, I am very sorry the spring festival.

learned after second years, I bought a credit card in advance, and in peacetime use of credit card purchase, improve their reputation, until the end of time, my credit card credit limit was enough to make me easy stocking, the most important is that the use of credit card overdraft purchase, emergency at the same time, special purchases for the Spring Festival marketed, also timely, also do not have to pay interest, not like the first year that everywhere ask for good words.

in this way, the use of credit card, easy to solve the financial problems of the Spring Festival stocking, with the continuous accumulation of credit, credit card overdrafts are increasingly high, these years as the shop expansion, liquidity has not appeared, the annual year-end stock, can use the credit card overdraft emergency, with time so, no.