No money no technology how to make money poor entrepreneurs

poor people can not afford to go down a lifetime, always find a way to make money for their own business. Poor money, it is easy to fall into a vicious cycle. No money, it is difficult as large, only for fuel worry; there is no money, don’t give up the hands of the bread, to pursue more and better things; no money, money can not enter the circle of people, only in the poor heap in the mix. Living in the bottom, it is difficult to look forward to, so the poor always miss the opportunity to look at others in his life, for the cause of others.

is a parable "monkeys breaking corn," said the monkey is in the corn harvest, just broke off a front, feel better, it dropped to break another, another hand, think there are better, and throw away the hands, to break the "better"., unknowingly went to corn at the end, it was already late, had to break a casually covered with confusion, a look back, it is a troublemaker corn. Had to do it.

the real opportunity is very few, in one’s life may be only one or two times.