2 minutes to show you where the money is

where the money went, did not have a good consumption of wages will not work for a whole month, received wages on the moonlight. I believe that many people have deep feelings about this, very much agree. So, take 2 minutes to look down, you will feel more.

the villagers do not know is true or false, trying to catch the monkey business was given 100 yuan.

soon merchant bought more than 2 thousand monkeys on the mountain, little monkey.

businessmen bid to 500 yuan one, the mountain has no monkeys, more than 3 thousand monkeys are businessmen here. On this day, the merchant has to return to the city, his assistant to the village and the farmers said, I put the monkey 300 yuan a sell you, and so the businessman came back, you sold to the merchant for $500, you will get rich.

Assistant with the money gone, the merchant has not come back again.

villagers for a long time, they believe that businessmen will return 500 yuan to buy their monkey, finally someone can not wait, but the monkeys eat bananas, it cost ah, just put the monkey back to the mountain, the mountain still is full of monkeys.


this is my interpretation of the most incisive, not one!!

the butcher has 1000 yuan, across the street to pay the cost of pig pig farmers.