How to adapt to economic globalization and promote the transformation and upgrading of Longchang

lives in a Internet plus era, has changed people’s way of life, especially in the aspects of shopping, online shopping has become the main mode of consumption. Many places of economic development, want to make progress, we must comply with the needs of the development of the times, continuous transformation, to a higher level. So, how to adapt to economic globalization in Longchang, promote transformation and upgrading?

5 month 24 days, Longchang county magistrate Yin Zhong led the team to participate in the Provincial Department of Commerce held in the 2016 national electronic commerce project in rural comprehensive demonstration county to declare expert defense, won praise. Officially became a national pilot, which is undoubtedly a huge electricity supplier in Longchang, will also lead to the development of the East wind.

2014 years, Longchang will accelerate the development of electronic commerce as the main starting point to promote the transformation and upgrading, innovation and development, improve the leadership mechanism, support policies, build a business platform, entrepreneurship training, elements of security, infrastructure building and other aspects of efforts to provide the system guarantee for the development of electric business.

under the strong impetus of the government, enterprises play an active role in the main, electricity supplier development achieved remarkable results. Up to now, Longchang new local electricity supplier trading platform 5, nurturing electricity supplier leading backbone enterprises 10, built the town, village electricity supplier service station 82. 1-5 months of this year, Longchang electricity supplier turnover amounted to 836 million yuan, an increase of 457%.


government to promote the strong support of the development of the electricity supplier "to accelerate the development of electronic commerce, Longchang is conform to the intrinsic need of economic globalization, and promote the transformation and upgrading, innovation and development, but also speed up the pace of modernization, strategic initiatives to enhance regional economic strength." Longchang county Party Secretary Zhang Yong in promoting the development of electricity supplier meeting, repeatedly stressed.

around this goal, Longchang to promote a high, set up electricity supplier development work leading group, the implementation of double leader also leadership in command by the county Party Secretary, county "". The main departments of the county are all included in the leading group member units in the county to form a joint force to promote the development of electricity supplier.

at the same time, actively support policies, promote electricity supplier project air plant. In September 2014, the county issued "Longchang county to speed up the development of electronic commerce implementation opinions", the county’s commercial development in the general idea, objectives and tasks, work and measures, and the "1+X" business development model innovation is put forward, with 1 e-commerce development zone as the center, build a number of electronic business platform and business application aggregation point.

at the same time, the timely development of the introduction of the Longchang e-commerce development support measures, the county fiscal year to come up with special development funds to support enterprises, focusing on the area of construction, personnel training, etc..