Hongkong’s top ten richest list of Hongkong’s top ten richest baked

Hongkong’s ten richest ranking, Li Jiacheng for $31 billion 300 million for eighteenth consecutive years in Hong Kong’s throne. Many netizens joke, Li Jiacheng, Hongkong is worthy of the Lee’s city of". Coincidentally, the second Li Zhaoji lee…… Hongkong’s top ten richest man is Zheng Yu Tong, third. It is worth noting that, in Hongkong, the ranks of the ten richest man, there is a foreign meter tall, but his net worth is much smaller, only $6 billion.

Li Jiacheng in company restructuring last year, and will be incorporated into the yellow and long, has become a big winner, last year long and the stock price rose 39% tired, aware that his net worth rose. Li Zhaoji’s constant Department disclosed last year many reconstruction projects, and his personal holdings of shares of a constant, the net worth soared.

Zheng Yu Tong.

last several reforming assets within the Department, the personal name shares to the Zhou Dafu family fund, the ten richest, only a small electric Chairman Michael Kadoorie Wang expatriates, but he has been in Hong Kong last year completed the acquisition of green electricity shares, the stock price also rose steadily in power, worth 6 billion dollars.

by stock price rise among the richest Goldin finance and Goldin properties chairman Pan Sutong last year, wealth rose doubled to $12 billion 200 million, ranked Hongkong’s sixth richest man. Financial stocks last year when Wang jinlifeng financial CEO Zhu Li Yuehua assets surged 1.5 times, to $4 billion 100 million, ranked sixteenth, is five on the list of female billionaires.

emperor group major shareholder Yang Shoucheng last year ranked forty-sixth, the net worth of $1 billion 250 million. Last year, oil prices and commodity prices fell, have engaged in commodity Noble Group Chairman Ai Liwen fell out of the top fifty list at the end of last year, his net worth of about $500 million.

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