What are the major industries of private investment

people are now living well, there are also in the hands of excess funds can be used in the investment, in the end what is the private investment in the industry, the following Xiaobian for everyone to sort out.

from the distribution of investment in the industry, private investment is mainly concentrated in wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering industry, the real estate industry, resident services and other services, manufacturing and other competitive industries, and in the natural monopoly industry and public service industry the investment holdings of state-owned economy accounted for more than 70%.

  oil and gas   encourage private capital to participate in the construction of oil and gas. Support private capital into the field of oil and gas exploration and development, cooperation with state-owned oil companies to carry out oil and gas exploration and development. Support private capital participation in the construction of crude oil, natural gas, refined oil storage and transportation facilities and network. Bureau of energy, development and Reform Commission, Ministry of land and state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission