Old Bu Jia soup of highlights join

these years, the catering industry development momentum is excellent, good choice of investment projects catering to many people, but the business is not a simple thing, now choose soup to join a lot of entrepreneurs, old Bu Jia soup excellent flavor, taste tempting, people still want to eat eat.

in the pace of the times and the pace of life faster and faster today, people’s cooking products to health, nutrition, the pursuit of higher and higher. Then, the old Bu Jia soup to join? Fast food nutrition is an absolute complement to people’s daily diet, but also a trend of food and beverage business. In the process of rapid development of the catering industry, the traditional pastry food become more consumer attention and love, such as Glutinous Rice Balls, has Boiled dumplings annual output value of tens of billions of dollars of industry; a variety of buns, Steamed Buns chain brands continue to rise; more numerous restaurants, restaurants and hawker stalls in the production and sales of Steamed Buns buns, profit a lot of money.

Why choose

to join the old

Bu Jia soup?

The main trend of

, a classic Chinese style pastry bun: project, first, a huge consumer demand for one billion and three hundred million people, old Bu Jia soup consumer necessities, so market.

two, a unique formula, nutritious and delicious: old Bu Jia soup unique secret recipe sauce, delicious taste and decided to walk, unable to follow.

three, technical standard, easy to operate: the old process after Bu Jia soup to strictly regulate and optimize, make the operation simple and easy, to subvert the traditional cumbersome process.

four, renovation program provided free of charge: old Bu Jia soup headquarters to provide free decoration design scheme, let you worry, save time, save money.

five, variety, price: the old house has a reasonable collocation Bu soup meat series of nineteen varieties, the perfect integration of classical Soybean Milk ten varieties of corn. Let customers choose a lot of delicious not expensive.

six, real projects, affordable fees: old Bu Jia a soup charge, valid for life, not to the franchisee in the late charge any management fees and deposit. To restrict the franchisee, the provision of spices and equipment marked price, to ensure the lowest industry.

seven, low investment cost, easy operation, old Bu Jia soup is relatively low threshold, investment is relatively small, the risk is relatively small. The most cost-effective way to get the most valuable investment management support.

eight, professional training, with master Bu Jia soup shop: provide a set of old business model, for your marketing strategy, technical service and perfect industry training. During the opening of the headquarters to send a professional master on-site guidance.

nine, regional protection, exclusive profit: old Bu Jia soup > root