mmigrants are fashionable or the trend of Nanjing what investment immigration

in the current social environment in China, the more common is the better economic conditions, usually in foreign countries will also be related to the purchase of real estate. Yesterday afternoon, the Hurun Research Institute jointly issued the "Nanjing immigration visas in 2016 China investment immigration white paper", "white paper" shows that the next 3 years, there are tens of millions of assets of high net worth population of more than 6 of residential investment in overseas plan allocation. Hu Run said: "at present, there are 134 MW China rich, if calculated at 6, 800 thousand people are likely to allocation of residential investment in overseas."

US immigration partner Chen Zhaohui said, it is estimated that the year 20 thousand to 30 thousand investment immigration, while Nanjing’s rich immigrant investor enthusiasm is very high, only a year will help us about 200 customers investment immigration. Among them, the United States, Britain and Canada are the top three destinations.

although the number of immigrants per year investment is still relatively limited, but after investigation, many of the assets of more than 10 million of the high net worth population have, or at least had the idea of overseas home buyers. The main reason for the consideration of their children’s education, and now the parents of large cities send their children to go abroad to study more and more, some parents in order to take care of their children will be carried out investment immigration or overseas buyers. According to the survey, the current average overseas financial investment accounted for 15% of the average wealth, mainly in order to diversify risk, children’s education and immigration.

"white paper" said that the current state of Chinese overseas investment immigration up to the United States, the western United States China most attract high net worth population immigration and overseas buyers, especially in Losangeles, San Francisco and Seattle, which Seattle rose for two consecutive years, more than New York in the top three.

and US immigration Research Institute and the Hurun Research Institute investigated worldwide can provide feasible plan of national immigration, education, investment destination, immigration policy utility, overseas buyers, personal income tax, the optimal medical system effectiveness, passport visa, Hua Renshi of the eight individual indicators as the evaluation criteria. Scoring countries all the data, the United States, Britain and Canada become the most suitable for high net worth individuals China investment immigration countries, there are a lot of Chinese students ranked fourth in Australia, Singapore ranked fifth.

reported that the results he was surprised, because the United States tax is relatively high, so he thought that the most people want to emigrate is europe. In this regard, Chen Zhaohui explained, it may be true for the rich, because the tax factor, will not choose to emigrate to the United states. But for the middle class, the impact of the tax is not too large, the attraction has three main points, one is the children’s education factors, good school more, then two more jobs for adults, do their own business opportunities, the three is Canada is recommended shift