t is not only suitable for direct articulate people

there are a lot of people trying to do direct sales, but subconsciously think only articulate with the talents to do direct sales, but it is not suitable for doing what only try to know, like Xiaomaguohe stories, the river is deep is shallow himself through to know.

actually engaged in direct sales success is you can make people do not leave the personnel retained, most loss of reason is not ability, because along with team members to get along well, is actually very simple, is honest. The gift of the gab in the sale of goods is a big advantage, but people in the purchase of high value goods or health care products often do not trust the gift of the gab, honesty is the most important. The same is true when you hire someone to be a direct seller.

, love learning and want to change themselves through learning: those who understand the studious, open vision and mentality of new knowledge and new things, they know that "knowledge is power, important knowledge to change the fate of". These people are most likely to achieve personal goals through direct sales.

two, want to have their own career, but no funds for the majority of people today want to start, the biggest problem they encounter is the funds and projects, what kind of industry can make their business? Many people want to have their own company, but suffer from lack of funds, the need to shop too much money, store rent, for a variety of business license, into the purchase price, count, not a few million do not want to shop. What should I do? Direct sales can be done because of the low cost of direct sales, no employees, no fixed assets investment.

three, advocating freedom of the people: these people do not want to be "three citizens" (waiting for work, waiting for wages, retirement, etc.) do not want to punch every day, not nine to five to the crowded bus, not very tired all day to see the boss on the face of the passions, but they and do not have the freedom of occupation talent, such as literacy and talented artists and writers, painters, photographers, etc.. The direct selling is just don’t need any background, low investment and is free of occupation, as long as through learning and effort, it can not only make people realize the free time at the same time, but also can achieve the freedom of mind, freedom of thought, such as a full range of financial freedom allows individuals to enhance the quality of freedom.

four, will not treat slip is required to shoot a horse soft hand CI people: these people heart is very good, people often say "no good deed goes unpunished" is this kind of person. They won’t squeeze on others, no intrigues and intrigue, not to smile in front of the leading grandsons. Although they are very real, but raise the house careerism such thing will never fail to get them. The direct selling is a more traditional industries, big name Direct Selling Company training system is often stressed that the two words are: direct marketing is to do good, performance to go up, a man up". Don’t play officialdom