What do you need to buy at a restaurant

1 table skirt, according to the needs of a few,

2 tablecloths, according to the needs of a few,

3 table, according to the needs of a few, with the table with the clips do not forget,

4 turntable

5 cloth, according to the needs of a few


6 pad,

7 pad

8 bone plate

9 cups, red, white, beer, yellow rice wine and special wine glasses,

9 chopsticks rack

Napkin ring


11 toothpick tube

11 teapot, teacup,

12 material pot, dish

13 small towel, towel dish towel disinfection cabinet towel clip, clip.


13 red wine, champagne, beer bottle opener for each package

14 furniture cabinet

15 tray

16 dishes of knives and forks, each package a set of

17 wing bowl, cup, spoon, spoon (small) (public) the best of each position can have steel spoon,

18 do not know where you have the habit of coffee on the other hand, is to have a cup of coffee (cups and pads) and a mixing spoon.

19 is the ice bucket

20 or

Yellow Wine hot pot liquor

21 each private room with two lighters, prepare a cover furnace handle cover,

22 disposable gloves, guests gnawing bones used,

23 pinch crab pliers, according to the number of rooms ready,

children dining chairs, napkins, and then there is no need to see what your props,

these basic things, not what opening estimation problem, according to your restaurant meals, positioning, some ratio can it, in fact also is the common thing we wrote on it, to be able to help you.