What are the ways to make money


is a housewife, then either the time or energy are limited, if go to work like an ordinary white-collar workers, is almost impossible, but they do not always do not work, so here are few for housewives entrepreneurship project!

contribute money: online submission, the postage is quick, an article can also cast a number. This article will not write, find someone else to change, put all sorts of things together on the line, very simple and convenient. If you can’t write, a friend to the soft learning writing skills and methods of the soft, soft, if you can not find written, or the promotion of soft paper marketing methods, advise you to learn about the soft media network, in short, soft, if done well, the website promotion effect.

is bidding to make money: spend money to buy advertising, selling products, realize the difference on the line. The auction can go to the Baidu alliance, Google Union, Ali mother, another form of bidding is to buy website advertising, the effect is similar, the key is to look at the conversion rate, high conversion rate, product burst Lee, then you will be rich.

online shop: this emerging industry completely subvert the traditional business model after the former factory shop, the cost is extremely cheap, "out of thin air" to create excess profits.