How to sell cigarettes in medium and large supermarkets

cigarette is not only an important commodity in the operation of the major retail stores, but also the major supermarkets will operate the goods. However, due to a variety of supermarket goods, cigarettes are often limited display, which will undoubtedly restrict the operation of cigarettes. I have 3 large supermarkets. As far as I have been doing business for many years, I would like to talk about the experience of how to better carry out the sale of cigarettes in a large supermarket.

many people are very clear now in large supermarket cigarette sales way at the cashier position, the use of glass cabinet display of cigarettes, or on the wall behind the cash register with the wall display display of cigarette goods. Simple look, indeed the display of goods can be dazzling, neat and standardized, my new source shop is also used in this way.

but after running for some time, I found that this approach has a very big drawback. First of all, in large supermarkets most take customer import diversion, located in the outlet of the cashier, customers in the purchase of finished goods, have left the payment end attitude, therefore rarely take the time to see the cigarette commodity cashier position, this virtually will result in customer loss; second, charge desk staff is to accurately register the change, when many people are too busy to introduce customers to recommend the cigarette goods, to a certain extent also reduced the customers desire to buy, it also has a great influence on cigarette sales.

in response to this situation, I seek advice from tobacco companies account manager, decided to shop for a transformation. First of all, I will be the location of the subdivision of the cashier area, draw a 20m2 space, set into a cigarette and wine sales area, but also customized exquisite display counter, the wine and tobacco products orderly display. Then, with my sales guide of specialized personnel, and personnel in the detailed training requirements, relevant staff familiar with all kinds of goods within the area of origin, specifications, prices, and other basic information, and on a regular basis to explain their marketing skills.

I also set up a special area within the cashier equipment and computer software, the sales staff in accordance with the computer records reasonable arrangements for inventory, ordering goods in a timely manner.

after the transformation of this series, my shopping customers entered the shop, you can see the display of exquisite and beautiful tobacco area, but there is someone shopping guide, will attract more customers.

How can

make it possible for the cigarette sales in the big supermarkets to create higher performance? This is a lot of shopkeepers are thinking about the problem. Personally I think the design is very important, wondering how can the first time to attract buyers. More importantly, we must strengthen the internal management, such as staff management and training to continue to improve the use of accounting software, etc..