What are the disadvantages of convenience store location

although people now know that want to run a successful business, a suitable site is natural. However, perhaps the lack of experience, the wrong location of the same big venture market. In particular, the existence of some ills, the convenience store will have a very big impact on the latter part of the operation. So, if we want to successfully run a convenience store, naturally need to circumvent these ills. So, what are the disadvantages of convenience store location?

(1) within a very small population

convenience store is not suitable to open in the area where the population is insufficient, if the population of 1500 people in the shopping district, the store should be abandoned (which means that the store is too little fixed customers, which will affect sales).

(2) traffic line rarely

traffic flow refers to the movement route when the vehicle travels. Such as the location of traffic convenience store where the line is very few, it means that the convenience store will be affected by the flow of customers. As in the cross road corner store the car flow line 4 (East, West, South and north 4 direction route), located in the two Lane Road convenience store has two lines, and at the convenience store one-way lane road is only one line.

(3) on the road can not see convenience store

this means that the convenience store is not located in the street along the road, but in a certain area out of the road. There are two defects: first, the convenience of customers to shop; the two is difficult to attract mobile customers.


shop at the station "regression line" in the

The so-called "

regression line" refers to the passenger car and get off the mobile route must pass through the convenience store door. If the location of the convenience store is not within this moving route, even if the convenience store is close to the station, will also make the arrival of the passenger traffic affected.

(5) underground store

is located in the factory room convenience store because it can not give full play to the special features of the convenience store, so the passenger flow will be affected. The main disadvantage is that the customer is not convenient; the location of the shop is not obvious and it is difficult to attract customers.

(6) to climb the stairs shop

and the former, to enter the convenience store stairs, will bring inconvenience to the customer, which is contrary to the principle of convenience stores to provide convenience.

(7) can not set up shop and light box shop

convenience store due to the constraints of environmental conditions can not set up shop or light box