Large species of lotus root in rural areas to tell you about the rich business

in the rural areas, there are a lot of friends of farmers planting crops through build up the family fortunes. Many village farmer friend for lotus, a kind of large lotus called Wang Rui, the annual income in the village is the first. Although last year, the price of lotus root fell trough, but his kind of lotus root 667 M 2 (1 acres) revenue is still more than a thousand dollars. Today, we’ll listen to him talk about his wealth.

1, early word pledge

in lotus root vigorous growth, lotus body has just grown up when he began to dig. At this time the color of the lotus root is white, and it tastes crisp and tender, and the market is extremely short of time. However, this time will reduce the production of lotus root digging, so the vast majority of farmers do not want to dig at this time. Wang Rui is different from others, he is to take advantage of the opportunity to dig lotus, sold in the market, very popular with consumers, in one fell swoop sell a high price, although the production decreased, but the benefit is higher than usual doubled or even several times.

2, busy take gold

3, by natural wealth

to the winter season, Wang Rui in time to watch and listen to the weather forecast, and often contact with the county meteorological department, understand the accurate weather information, once it is known that the weather will have a big change, seize the time to dig out the root of human, waiting for the arrival of the time. On one occasion, he received a message from the county meteorological bureau, there will be a strong cold current invasion of the region. So, Wang Rui dare not neglect. All the lotus root dug out. As a result, the temperature has dropped to minus ten degrees, the soil froze a few centimeters thick, and then came the heavy snow, others in the pond is difficult to dig the lotus root. At this time, Wang Rui’s lotus root in the market has become an exclusive product, naturally sell a good price.

Listen to the story of Wang Rui