Library to build a global lean entrepreneurial platform concept

era of science and technology is developing rapidly, so the strength library soaring, access to many entrepreneurs today too sure base then the new tactics, and strive to build lean global business platform, benefiting more entrepreneurs.

2014, on the reform of system and mechanism innovation, step by step sonorous and forceful let us usher in a new era, public entrepreneurship, innovation ", also let" Chinese wisdom "in the world increasingly The brightness dazzles the eyes. However, in the eyes of many customers, the challenge has just begun.


It is reported that the current

, too base chain involves the wisdom of life, health, new materials, green building, organic agriculture, aerospace technology, clean energy, cultural creativity, precision manufacturing and other fields, its subsidiary products can be divided into the experience center, business school, certification center, research center, production center, center, angel the Internet Center seven content, to meet the diverse needs of entrepreneurs.


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