Henan continues to help the poor how to do the donation process transparent

in our daily life, economic development of each region is not the same, some developed city people’s living standard is good, but some city development is relatively backward, people’s living standard needs to be improved. Poverty as a "number one livelihood projects" has always been a concern of the whole society, in order to better help in tackling poverty, in October 17th, the third national "poverty day" on the occasion, Henan province poverty alleviation fund was set up in Zhengzhou, the inaugural meeting also introduced a care package donation project, urged the public to participate in the cause of poverty alleviation.

foundation for poverty relief fund 23 million as the original fund

is reported that the Henan Provincial Foundation for poverty alleviation is approved by the Henan provincial Party committee, the provincial government, the poverty alleviation and Development Office of the Henan Provincial Office of the establishment of public welfare, non-profit public fund. The aim is to help the poor, to promote economic development in poor areas and to improve the living conditions of the poor, to achieve poverty alleviation and sustainable development.

at present, agriculture and animal husbandry, the Central Plains securities Limited by Share Ltd Eagles (002477, shares) Group Chairman Hou Jianfang, MAKIHARA Group Chairman Qin Yinglin, the provincial agricultural comprehensive development company donated 5 million yuan, Henan Cheng Rui Environmental Protection Industry Co Ltd donated 3 million yuan, a total of 23 million yuan as the original fund fund; the rural commercial bank in Yichuan County donated 30 million yuan for, education and other poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation.

according to reports, over the years, poverty alleviation and development work in Henan province has initially established a special poverty reduction, poverty, social poverty alleviation industry three-in-one large poverty alleviation pattern, but the social poverty alleviation work started late, low starting point, the work is still short board. The establishment of the Henan Provincial Foundation for poverty alleviation, is conducive to fully mobilize the community power of love and build a social public platform construction of poverty, poverty alleviation and development pattern of three-in-one, poverty alleviation and development work in Henan province pushed to a new level.

people can donate love through the post office WeChat package

at the inaugural meeting, Liu Chunliang, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress also introduced the poverty alleviation foundation love package project.

it is understood that the donation is the object of love rural primary school students in poor areas.

love package is divided into warm bag and art bag. The warmth of the bag inside the product has down jacket, scarves, gloves, socks, knee pads, cushions and other cold items.

art bag pencil, pen, watercolor pen, gouache, pencil sharpener and other 28 varieties of art supplies, to fill the gaps in poor areas students accept art education for children, put on the wings of imagination.