2015 China internet keyword marriage survival stars and lies

in the age of the Internet, it is very accurate for access to information, this year, the Internet industry can be a lot of events, to sum up, mainly the following aspects, I believe that many people are very interested in, let me have a look together.

voiceover writing should be so many years later, when the old you sit on the hearth, and so can knee grandchildren talk (Chui) on (NIU) the rain in 2015: when your grandpa (grandma) have experienced many ups and downs of the story…

2 14, the Western Valentine’s day, has experienced unprecedented burn war taxi drops and quick taxi announced the merger, the implementation of CEO system in the next time, fast taxi CEO Lv Chuanwei gradually fade out the new pieces of management, Cheng Wei and Liu Qing took over the new company drops. With the rapid promotion of mobile payment made by Tencent and Ali achieved significant results, facing the Uber into China’s aggressive situation of the two parties to choose to merge and save costs, common foreign is the best choice. The two merger is to become the first large-scale cooperation between Tencent and Alibaba’s top two Internet giants.

4 17, classified information service platform, the city announced a strategic stake in the market to go to the net, set up the 58 market Co., Ltd.. After the merger of the two companies will maintain brand independence, products and teams will remain independent development and operation. 58 focus on local life services such as 58 home, and the market will be the second-hand car business and part-time recruitment as the focus of development, and ultimately from the 58 market group in stripping out the original market CEO Hao Yang Chung also officially retired CEO group, opened a new round of seeds of second-hand car business history.

10 8 years, fighting local life service provider U.S. mission network and the public comment announced the merger, the new company to implement the joint CEO system, but soon after the original public comment CEO Zhang Tao was declared "out", by Wang Xing officially took over the new company. Since new by personnel and structure adjustment, Beauty Group Department of management staff have the control of the new company, the Tencent background looms. It had later sold Ali beauty group stock financing, foster their own valuation to suppress the reputation takeout rumors, BAT living in the local service market battle is far from over.

followed by October 26th, and come again. Ctrip and Baidu convertible, with a total of 25% of the company’s voting rights in exchange for where the total voting rights of 45%. Ctrip 4 executives to replace where the board of directors when the expansion of the new board of directors of the 4 Baidu. At this point Ctrip eventually put it where the most powerful enemy income capsule. Baidu has become the biggest winner behind, as the first major shareholders have the basic Ctrip online travel market, Zhuang Chenchao has become the people live.

myth collapse? O2O industry has become the hardest hit