n the chain to join the gold industry to comply with these four criteria

joined the chain of the project is numerous, every time to see the advertising is always very heart, how can we find the most suitable to join the project in the one, and quickly open the door to wealth? Direct store more than a good project, or join the project more good? In fact, most entrepreneurs are unable to answer these questions.

in addition, universal values is also very important.

two criteria: the more critical the better


find certain shop experience, and a few stores up to a certain size or development of at least two years of business headquarters, more security. Some new franchise system, the development of the market itself is not long enough, has not been tested by the market, the customer’s consumption habits have not yet formed, easy to cause the illusion of a temporary business boom.

so, choose to join the main weak brand, although you can pay less fee and deposit, but in contrast, can enjoy the headquarters of fewer resources and assistance; many things have to rely on franchisees take care of their own, naturally weak competitiveness.

three criteria: the assessment of the financial and the direction of their

headquarter are many love married franchisees, and if it is a bit of money but not too rich couple a better. "Because of this kind of character, on the one hand, there is economic pressure, but also have work experience, because I really want to do this line, not because they can not afford to give up easily." An industry in Taiwan is to evaluate the choice of the franchisee.

Rule four: