The beauty salon management system

beauty is no longer a woman’s patents, and now men also pay attention to the cause of beauty, it shows how much profit margins beauty market. Would like to open a home beauty salon to develop appropriate management system in order to ensure the normal operation of beauty salons.

A, position and duty of


1, explain the beauty salon business philosophy and service awareness, cultivate the professionalism of the staff, the rational use of various types of personnel.

2, analyze the customer’s opinion, explain the service target and standard, work with colleagues to make the method to improve the service, set an example, carry out the service commitment.

3, regular understanding of the development of the market situation and market competition, and analysis of the situation, come up with countermeasures.

4, a fair, reasonable and effective reward system, coordinate the relationship between staff, keep good discipline.

5, supervise daily work, to ensure the normal operation of beauty salons and high quality services.

6, the choice of quality products for customer service, to ensure that the product is good, stable quality, value for money.

7, regular training staff to improve service quality.

8, according to market conditions, the development of a reasonable price; and the price tag (including nursing items, products), establish a good reputation.

9, regular assessment of beauty salon manager, acting manager of the work performance, and the formation of assessment materials.

1, strict internal management, do a good job in the implementation of the rules and regulations, do a good job of cash, goods, equipment, utensils and other items of strict management procedures, adhere to regular inspection, to ensure that no errors;

2, do a good job in the management of beauticians, strict beautician job standards, serious work discipline, work plan, a clear division of labor;

3, organize the implementation of outstanding beautician selection activities, in accordance with the specific requirements of the selection of outstanding beautician, do a good job on the daily indicators of the beautician assessment, recording work;

4, do the beautician’s ideological work, often talk with beautician, Care >