Jiangsu issued a document to encourage institutions to recruit technical personnel

now the whole society and the government to actively encourage people’s entrepreneurial activities, have launched a lot of very good business measures in Jiangsu Province, recently some institutions and technical personnel in order to encourage entrepreneurial activity, launched 3 years post retained human relations policy.

to promote the employment of university graduates, the future job subsidies for job seekers to adjust business subsidies, subsidies extended to college graduates graduation year has been the national student loans, increase the subsidy standard from 2016 to 1500 yuan per person; support and encourage college graduates to join the modern agriculture construction; on the graduation year of employment of college graduates leave school not flexible employment, and according to the provisions of the employment unemployment registration and payment of social insurance premiums, giving up no more than 2 years of social insurance subsidies; and improve the implementation of subsidy policy on probation, probation expires from personnel retention rate of more than 50% student units per 1 people, retained 1000 yuan subsidy standards, to give a one-time student subsidy.

to encourage college graduates more employment channels, especially the grassroots exploration in the streets (township), community (Village) the purchase of public management and social service jobs, preferred to absorb the employment of College graduates. I will also support the unemployment insurance fund to expand the scope of enterprise post steady policy implementation by the merger and reorganization of enterprises, to resolve the overcapacity enterprises, eliminate backward production capacity of enterprises and other 3 companies to all qualified enterprises, post steady subsidy standards for the enterprise and its employees last year’s actual payment amount of unemployment insurance premium 50%.

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