Home delivery can narrow the distance with the customer

The distance between the

and the customer is shortened, until the customer becomes a true friend, which will undoubtedly bring more attention to the customer. To achieve such a goal, to provide door-to-door service is undoubtedly a good choice. I shop for more than ten years. Why should I say that my business is better than others, an important reason is to be good for the sake of customers, insist on door-to-door.

for example, in winter, the countryside has been married to the baby more than the masses of the event, the need for a certain number of tobacco and other items. Do not ordinarily door-to-door, they will also go to the shop purchase, not any complaints. But taking into account the cold winter weather, and sometimes snow slippery road, in order to travel safety, my husband and I drove delivery, service home. After the delivery of goods, do not drink customers do not spit, do not eat a bowl of rice customers, so that customers at the scene to count the number of goods, specifications, when the profits of ten yuan to pay the first eight dollars to meet customer psychological needs.

for unused goods customers afterwards, committed to return. As a result, adjacent to county rural households are willing to go to weddings and funerals, I shop to buy alcohol and tobacco, are willing to deal with me. So I’m gonna keep this good thing going on.

comment: although providing such a service, will undoubtedly increase the operating costs of the store. However, the benefits of door-to-door delivery, customer satisfaction warm. The boss door-to-door practice is worth learning from. The author believes that the tobacco industry services, the biggest feature is door-to-door, lifting the customer worries. As a retail household, in conditions permitting, should also carry out home delivery business, in order to close the distance between customers and me, improve service levels, do business bigger and longer.