nternet agriculture gives birth to the new choice of College Students

compared with the past, the perspective of the current college students have a great change. In the past, college students are more inclined to stay in the town, and now they are looking to the vast rural areas.

Chongqing Bishan in a conference room, more than wisdom and his team are discussed at this stage how leveraging Tmall mature business platform to sell their agricultural products and do so for the advantages and disadvantages of its own platform in the future. This is the Chongqing University students entrepreneurship project banana page, a county based agricultural products online sales of the Internet + agriculture project.

this banana page project the county as a stronghold, by the local government, business owners and farmers as the service object, from the agricultural product brand creative packaging, to the network marketing, to distribution channel construction, with the whole process of the construction and operation of rural electricity services for users. This project has been welcomed by the county government and help, local government staff led them to visit farmers to understand the industry situation, to provide convenience for the project landing.

when agriculture is combined with the Internet, the birth of a new development opportunities, believe that the vision of the entrepreneurs can’t miss it. You might as well try this new generation of Internet agricultural opportunities.

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