Two months Kuangzhuan hundreds of thousands of college students summer Entrepreneurship

is now faced with the pressure of employment, many people chose to do poineering work, the college students are the main business groups, to not understand what all the college students, entrepreneurship is difficult, here’s a look at how college students entrepreneurship, is how to make money.

During the

where entrepreneurial practice? Who lives in Jiangxi, Jiujiang province Wang Liang began playing the idea of home, with his own understanding of the Jiujiang people’s consumption psychology, first conducted a market survey in Jiujiang, and fancy is hiring contractors in Jiujiang Xinhua water recreation center and the viewing platform project, the value of the 2006 World Cup period, Wang Liang thought this investment will be a great success.

4’s efforts were not in vain, during the world cup, they are in the recreation center efforts were rewarded, because the natural environment here, cool, thoughtful service also, the number of visitors quickly soared to more than 1000 people, average daily customer reception. Two months down, they actually get a direct economic benefit of more than 10 yuan, net of principal, net profit of more than 5 yuan.


students entrepreneurial income feedback

"is the school teacher’s guidance to our success, we should also return the money.