How to conduct business survey before opening

there are a lot of people want to venture in the shop, but the shop before, need to do a good job shop looks a series of investigations, only the investigation clearly around the District, people’s entire business process will be more simple.

1. retail area. It is composed of one or more large shopping malls and other super business logo, or with the small supermarket and shops along the street, this district mainly for leisure consumption characteristics of consumer behavior, so the district area, floating population and traffic, popularity is flourishing, is the consumption habits of the concentrated field. The sales amount is very high.

2. industrial zone. The area is mainly one or more large enterprises resident, the number of workers to be more than 5000 people, the establishment of the main service area and to meet the needs of the factory in the region of the basic necessities of life and leisure entertainment. This kind of regional consumption power is relatively large, consumer oriented concentration.

3. residential area. There are a number of residential areas around the District, settled at least 2000 households must be more than. Residential consumption habits for daily consumption, fast, cheap, familiar, as the main characteristics of the shopping district is more convenience stores and small supermarkets.

4. cultural district. There must be large, middle and primary schools near the cultural district. The consumer groups in the region are mostly students, so their consumption habits for the amount of consumption is generally not high, leisure food, cultural and educational supplies purchase rate higher.

5. office area. CBD business center, the district is characterized by more business center. The consumption habits of the office area are convenience, leisure and dining, with a large number of foreign population and high consumption level.

for the investigation object is within the District — the core of the mall, then the contents of the survey will change.

1.  the number, location distribution, distance and location of shopping malls. This is the primary investigation into the business district, because of the existing state of the retail business in the area of the business is about to enter the mall is the role of the funeral division.

2.  the same area of the same grade competitors area and format, brand portfolio.

3.  shopping malls in addition to large shopping malls outside the facilities and industries. Subsidiary of the service industry and entertainment formats, not only is the status of the shopping district, but also the direct flow of people with a fixed point.

4.  business district can choose and expand store area. Mature shopping district with a large market