Shop name to be careful

is different from the store, if you want to change your name, and do not say to Industrial and Commercial Bureau for modification of the class, but also need to re sign, therefore, generally speaking, the store is the beginning of what name, unless the development is very negative, or not to modify the owner. But the shop can be different, if you want to change the name will be very simple. However, here Xiaobian remind you shop owners, shop name to be careful.

I often look at the Internet during the lunch break.

day, I entered the shop in a side street home at a store, I was suddenly attracted by this name, have great personality, but also remember better. At this time, I want to have a good mind as I look at the name.

and I started to design the name, because there is a word of my little daughter pearl, I will call my name fashion house, when I was happy for his masterpiece.

one day, when I was talking to an old client, did she say you didn’t open the shop? I said no, I just changed a name and she said it was like this.


is just a few words, but I was shocked, a name change for me is a masterpiece, but it is a huge change for the customer. I’m here to tell you the shopkeepers, treat the name must be careful.

was one of my friends of the shop name is determined, the total is not good, has changed several times on the tentative natural skin care magic house, because his skin care effect is very good, can let buyers see your skin changes, and so on magic together. However, she is not very satisfied, want to change it?!


shop can be accumulated to a certain customer, this is not an easy thing, but if because of some personal ideas the owner, after the name change is likely to let the loss of customers, the owner is undoubtedly going to be very big loss. So, if you want to successfully open shop, the beginning should fix the name.