The parties have what kind of views on the spoof name

took to the streets, a variety of spoof name everywhere, although it can give the way people left a deep impression, but people have different views. The funny name, parents is how to see it? In the interview, most of the parents on the funny degree relatively light, easy to understand the name is acceptable. But the shop is the most misleading idiom can not be accepted, because it will mislead children to learn knowledge. However, there are rare names are part of their parents.

"children now is the knowledge of the period, outside in the street always see" pot color fantasy "and" Yiyibushe "name, it should have a certain impact on children learning." Ms. Zhang said in an interview, her 3 year old daughter imitation is very strong, therefore, she worried that these idioms for name would be bad for children’s learning.


said she took 7 year old children to travel last year. On the way, children see a name "Shuaiguo spice" Hotel, the children of this unique hotel very curious. After returning home, the child has been repeated, handsome pot, handsome pot. "Until now, the children also call the boys’ handsome pot’. This phenomenon should not be a good thing for a child before he has enough language." Ms. Lee said with some worry.

and other parents to name spoof more interested in a funny name fast-food restaurant, dining with children’s said, "these funny names very interesting, humorous, and trendy, fashionable young children should cell."

experts: stores in the pursuit of creativity at the same time, do not profane culture. "I think the indiscriminate use of idioms, the homophonic name, the desecration of the suspect on Chinese language." A professor at Linyi University College to do so on these funny names, China language has a history of thousands of years, every word, every phrase, there is a story behind it, but this use of homophonic shengzao out of the name, is completely misinterpret the word meaning of history.

he said, such as "King turtle chicken", derived from the phrase "Farewell to My Concubine", this word was originally a good idiom, a good story, if distorted rampant, children see how to understand? Is the teacher taught the wrong? This name would mislead children, is not conducive to the spread of Chinese language and culture.

the professor also said that the name catchy, can let others understand it. Although businesses have to choose the right name, but in the name to respect the traditional culture, promote social harmony, should be the main theme, so that consumers can easily accept, can let a person look after the unknown, even a sickening feeling.

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