What entrepreneurial motivation is not desirable

entrepreneurs from all walks of life, the entrepreneurial motivation is all sorts of strange things. However, entrepreneurship is not other than the cause, the slightest mistake, it is possible to go bankrupt, even ruin. Only pure entrepreneurial motivation, in order to achieve. Here, Xiao Bian will introduce you to one of the entrepreneurial motives which are undesirable.

1. "my family is a commercial family, so I have a genetic talent."

2.  "this is my hobby, so why not take it as a career?"

3. : "I inherited some money, entrepreneurship is a good investment."

4.  "I want to be rich, so I want to start a business."

5.  "I’m desperate because I can’t find the right job."

economic recession now, work is not good, but don’t forget the commercial decline rate is also high. Desperate people will not succeed, he does not have the resources and perseverance. [font=SimSun;   Arial;   Helvetica;   sans-serif]

6. : "I’m tired of working hard, so much pressure."

7.  "I have free time, I need extra income."

8. : "I hate being a clerk."

don’t want power and for entrepreneurship. Customers, suppliers, sponsors, partners, and many people will be your new boss". These people may be more difficult to deal with than their current bosses.

9. : "my friends have a hot industry, it seems to do a good job."