Huaxia Bank President resigned to start their own entrepreneurial path

double attract activities, reform of state-owned enterprises and institutions with, let many people within the system of civil servants have to take off the coat, choose to venture into the sea. Huaxia Bank, a president resigned six months ago, began his own road to financial entrepreneurship.

11 16, AA’s first financial products have been launched, or someone called the founder of the founder Ceng Chao".


they quit, the media exposed 37 bank executives zaduier "run away", including the bank first vice president Qian Wen Hui, vice president of the Industrial Bank Chen Dekang, deputy governor of the Bank of China and Bank of Hongkong vice chairman Yue Yi and other heavyweights. Anecdotal speculation, this is because the Bank Limited salaries and the impact of the Internet, the business is not good to do.

"my choice and the salary limit." Ceng Chao admitted that the banking system is indeed a pay cut, but he is not affected before making a decision. In his view, and then how to cut wages, the bank is also a higher income industry, 37 years of age for work is not just for money.

to abandon the "golden rice bowl" is not capricious, because they feel the era of "public entrepreneurship, innovation" the call. 3 people have noticed that Premier Li Keqiang again and again provided financial innovation, these did ten years financial people felt the opportunity to do this, some of the things you want to do.

this ideal is difficult to achieve in the


Ceng Chao added: "I am young now, but after 10 years, 20 years, and then began to do, maybe I want to."

12%, 13%, and 14%…… Ceng Chao looked at some of the Internet platform launched more than 10% of financial products feel afraid". He is difficult to understand from a financial point of view, his money in a just set up a few months on the Internet platform, users do not know who to lend money to recommend