Ten new jewelry brands list

if it is a traditional jewelry brand, the world is very famous, however, the times are different, people’s interest in jewelry will naturally be different. If you like me, is a jewelry enthusiasts, and particularly loved the dream, the one and only and unique jewelry, so now to introduce you to the new ten jewelry brand rankings, believe that you should love! Including Bohemian wind, simple wind, national wind, gorgeous wind and so on, the choice of many, and all are very delicate.

ten new jewelry brand NO.1:Torchlight Jewelry

will be transformed into the form of jewelry in Bohemia, the illusion of elegant atmosphere like floating on the clouds. If you can’t resist Bohemia, you probably don’t want to miss it.

ten new jewelry brand NO.2:Bahgsu Jewels

if you haven’t met the design of the Bahgsu Jewels] magic, your heart is ready to indulge in their magic! The original wild and pristine natural beauty with a charming, careful observation you might find every single product in all have a story to tell you about it.

new jewelry ten brands list NO.3:The Bandits


said the perfect mix of Western cowboys and Bohemia, non The 2 Bandits. From the southwest to the North American blend of Western nostalgia, if you want to feel free and uninhibited, this brand of jewelry accessories is suitable for you!

ten new jewelry brand NO.4:Luv AJ

combination of strong and soft, but still with a little bit of Bohemia, ring, bracelet, neck refining, etc. are so difficult to resist the charm of the brand.

ten new jewelry brand NO.5:Vanessa Mooney

Vanessa Mooney jewelry handmade simple, fine design, but with a bit of retro, feeling Kua Kua several generations, but also a unique brand style.

new jewelry ten brands list NO.6:ManiaMania


ManiaMania series has the power to catch the sight of a person, and if you want a piece of jewelry that is not just accessories, it’s a story you want to share