How do join my mom

noodle brand Laoma Rice Noodles why this brand snacks are so popular, behind a successful enterprise must have a painful process of a butterfly, let us take a look at the Laoma Rice Noodles this project.

mother line is named after the founder of mother Zhang Wanjun and trademark registration, is the mother of Ms. Zhang Wanjun – mother line original mother Qu Songjun memorial. Mother Zhang Wanjun to the diet culture is to grasp the mother’s family based on early life in Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan at the junction of the first generation of mom in 1923 with her husband Songjun Qu, operating in restaurants, due to his mastery of the traditional Chinese medicine and Tibetan medicine, known as cloud, Guizhou and Sichuan flavor material, the Yunnan Guizhou and noodle seasoning phase combined, laid the foundation Laoma Rice Noodles flavor. The second generation of mother Zhang Wanjun inherited the essence of the traditional diet culture, and broke through the traditional diet management mode of thinking, innovation, the formation of their own style and unique brand. 2004 was awarded the "Chinese famous snacks" title; 2006 was awarded the "Chinese restaurant brand".

from rice, rice Biden, Laoma Rice Noodles is the restaurant to eat rice, but not to eat rice, noodles and rice in the extension, steamed exquisite snacks, dishes, desserts, hot and cold drinks. The processing method to the country people love soup stewed, steamed, hot for health in fear, seven AIDS eight kinds of extended seventy-two kinds of changes.

mom line join conditions:

1, with strong economic strength and good reputation of the units and individuals.

2, love food and beverage business, focusing on rice business.

3, with the concept of modern food and beverage management, with the headquarters of the business management model.

4, familiar with local consumption characteristics, eating habits, have a good reputation in the local and social activities.

5, willing to accept training and management.

mom noodle joining process

1) get in touch with joining the development department by joining the hotline / website / visit

background and feasibility analysis


3) signed a franchise contract

4) to pay the cost of joining

5) opening preparation

6) officially opened

7 continues to support )