Tips for opening a fruit store

how to do a good job to open fruit shop? We all know that a lot of fruit shelf life is not very long, if retained for a long time, then the deterioration of the problem, not sell, but also cause losses, which is a very headache problem. If you want to have a guaranteed investment business, you can learn more about the operating skills.

the decrease of fruit loss tips

fruit to be put up, and the time of purchase the best selection of similar size, this can reduce the number of customers over. Different fruit pendulum method. For example, Apple will cross up, because the most glamorous; watermelon on end, to save space; if not easy to heat the peach, papaya, mango piled up; don’t put freezer or will not put next to the black spot; kiwi apples and pears, apples and pears for easy release ethylene, will accelerate the pulp of ripe rot……

the timely processing of goods

fruit pulled to the store, not good quality inspection immediately, immediately pick out. In particular, like a kind of longan, a stream of water, around the bad. After the quality of some of the fruit to use the specifications of the packaging box packaging, packaging machine with hot film packaging (which is also conducive to preservation), and then shelves. The fruit into the refrigerator can not be cleaned, packed in plastic bags or paper bags to prevent water evaporation. In a plastic bag to tie a few holes, breathe, to avoid moisture accumulation, causing fruit rot.

fresh water

fruit frame to set aside a certain gap, so that the ventilation and reduce fruit decay.

To pay attention to what the fruit shop do not blindly expand

if the number of channels and the purchase of goods has not changed, the operating cost and scale restriction. Fruit shop and fruit supermarket shop rent, decoration decoration, water and electricity costs, such as higher than the cost of traveling and sitting stalls stalls operators, the price is not too big concessions, will be closed at a loss.

greengrocer need to master certain skills can reduce the loss, maintain the normal operation of the store business. If you want to reduce the loss, you need to be prepared to use some useful ways to solve problems that may exist. The above share hope to help you, and quickly learn it.

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