Leshan to take responsibility for poor people

Since the reform and opening to the outside world, the economy of coastal cities in China has been greatly developed, but there are still a lot of poor households in the vast inland areas, which are waiting for us to help them to get rid of poverty. But in the actual work, some people just banner, do things. Mobilize thousands of times, it is better to ask a responsibility. To win the battle of poverty, Leshan City, Jinkouhe District adhere to the discipline and rules is in front, precise force supervision, and resolutely to say "no lack of poverty".

is a precise task, fine compaction responsibility. The area will be accurate poverty alleviation task in the form of form, specifically into the contents of the 119 projects, the use of data refinement task inventory of poverty alleviation work. At the same time, the introduction of "Jinkouhe District poverty alleviation precise accountability measures (Trial)", the organization leadership, work is not fine, work style is not solid, the unfinished task of the 4 categories of the 16 aspects of accurate accountability, through interviews, criticism and other processing methods, the "accountability" the mechanism of poverty alleviation and lack of the alarm sounded.

two is accurate supervision, theme type special inspection. Make "Jinkouhe District poverty alleviation supervision and inspection work program", by the discipline inspection departments of poverty alleviation, finance, audit and other departments of poverty alleviation work supervision and inspection group, each month around 1 of poverty alleviation themes to carry out a comprehensive supervision and inspection, inspection and special inspection combined with other ways through the combination, meditate and unannounced visits, in accordance with the "3+10" the overall planning and programme of work on poverty alleviation work and key link to focus on supervision, clear stage supervision focus, improve the effectiveness of supervision.

three is a precise accountability, "zero tolerance" strict discipline. On the issue of the government website to open up the issue of discipline reporting area, smooth reporting channels, strengthen social supervision. At the same time, the discipline inspection departments resolutely discipline and rules is in front of discipline problems related to poverty alleviation will be a case of double check, and serious cases of poverty alleviation areas, serious accountability work dereliction of duty of the relevant departments and leading cadres.

‘s efforts to improve the living standards of the people, adhere to serve the people, is the basic responsibility of the party, so for poor areas, to take effective poverty alleviation program is indispensable. It is understood that since 2016, the key area to carry out special supervision and inspection of poverty 5 times, issued bulletin 5, 113 issues existing in 6 townships, 8 district level departments, 6 villages, 2 primary school was informed of the exposure of 5 party and government leaders of job interviews.

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