Jiangsu haisida power company explosion 2 people died

explosion in life should be said to be more common, but most are in some houses or small restaurants and the like. But in May 31st the Jiangsu haisida power company exploded, causing many injuries, and even some people died in the explosion, then specifically how it is, let’s take a look.

5 31 day at 5:53 in the afternoon, located in Qidong City, Nanyuan Road, Jiangsu highstar Power Co. Ltd. (Qidong) lithium batteries full state use warehouse explosion accident. According to preliminary statistics, the accident has caused 12 people were injured, firefighters were injured and sent to hospital for emergency treatment of 8. At 10:30 that evening, the accident has caused 1 firefighters and 1 highstar employees died. At present, all the injured have been sent to Qidong and Nantong Hospital.

Qidong ambulance all dispatched, the two rescue process has fire officers and soldiers and police were injured, Qidong City, the relevant departments urged people not to go to Nanyuan road and nearby hospitals, as far as possible to make a rescue green channel!

reporter learned that, after the incident, Nantong, Qidong quickly launched the emergency plan, organize rescue. At present, the company has discontinued, the wounded are full treatment, the specific cause of the accident is under investigation.

it is understood that the major hospitals in Nantong has also enabled the emergency plan, the main person in charge of the hospital personally involved in the treatment of the injured accident. At present, the Hospital Affiliated to Nantong University burn ward received highstar accident 10 burn patients. This patient 10 burn in 5 is the fire fighters, the 5 is highstar workers.

Hospital Affiliated to Nantong University is the best hospital in Nantong and even in Northern Jiangsu, and the burn department is also a very powerful department. Reporters learned from the Nantong First People’s Hospital, the hospital is also receiving the injured in the explosion, the main leaders of the hospital were involved in the accident wounded treatment.

relevant information, the parent company of Jiangsu highstar Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. is a research and development and production and management as one of the key national high-tech enterprises, is an industry based, diversified enterprise group at the provincial level, a subsidiary of 12. Parent company’s total registered capital of more than 300 million yuan, with total assets of more than 800 million yuan, fixed assets of more than 300 million yuan. Company covers an area of 310 thousand square meters, construction area of 80 thousand square meters, the existing staff of more than 1 thousand and 600 people, of which scientific and technical personnel accounted for 20%.

production and operation of the company’s products are batteries, chemical, mechanical and electrical, special gases, packaging materials, such as five major categories. Batteries are mainly by power based high-energy two nickel cadmium, nickel hydrogen, lithium ion batteries; chemical products are mainly agricultural synthetic ammonia, ammonium hydrogen carbonate, compound fertilizer, hydrogen peroxide, battery materials, food recommended