Which children’s clothing brand

open a favorite children’s clothing brand, first of all need to choose a good brand, then, what brand of children’s clothing to join, you can get a good income? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

brand, pepco

brand: product positioning in children 0-15 years old pepco, fashion, sports, leisure, health and vigor are pepco consistent brand style. Which children’s wear brand? Pepco children as one of the country’s largest and influential clothing enterprises, has won Chinese ten brand-name clothing, China consumer market leading brand, green products, care for children’s achievement award, Guangdong province famous brand, brand-name products in Guangdong Province, enthusiastic public charity advanced collective, Chinese brand and so on.

brand two, jindianzi

brand: Ningbo v-baby Co. production 0-2 years old baby clothes, comprehensive import CIS, product design, which children’s clothing brand to join? Development, production, sales as one of the full range of brand management model. Jindianzi brand theme: healthy, happy sunshine. Jindianzi’s service tenet: the eyes of the children of the world.

brand three, jumping bear

brand introduction: Jumping bear was founded in 1995, its purpose is to extend the development of the sunny bear cubs cubs brand culture, advancing with the times. Which children’s wear brand? Jumping bear brand clothing covers women’s clothing, men’s clothing, children’s clothing, casual wear, sportswear, underwear, shoes and hats and other products, and strive to fine technology, honest reputation. The company’s products focus on environmentally friendly fabrics, the development of the health sector, so that jumping bear products in the future more brilliant.

is more than just the children’s clothing brand in the market has the strength of the brand, which children join the brand good? If you want to be good to open their own brand of children’s clothing stores, we need to make a good understanding, so as to start a business easier.

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