Refused to be entrepreneurial or not own proposition

in this trend is now the Internet in the mobile Internet business is more valuable in the future. Entrepreneurship is no problem, there is no problem with the project, but a lot of friends just graduated from the small business that venture, there is no consideration of venture capital, or entrepreneurial failure and how?

is today, this article, wanted to talk about mobile Internet business trends, now, in that specific entrepreneurship before or talk to those buddies of entrepreneurial ideas, the idea of the way, in order to better into the practice stage of entrepreneurship. I believe a lot of friends in everyone shouting "the environment of entrepreneurship" has been "entrepreneurial thought" kidnapped, "but they do not in the entrepreneurial venture", for everyone’s life in terms of entrepreneurship is inevitable? Obviously, this logic is absurd, on the one hand, not everyone is suitable for entrepreneurship, on the other hand, most of the venture is a failure.

now the society is impetuous, because of the fast pace of life and the rapid rise of the material life of so many people think that only ambitious, entrepreneurship is the ultimate way out, say, if your life is only because there is no ready to leave the business failure experience, is not a bit sad? So, here is the proposal before the start of the best buddies seriously look at yourself, or give yourself a chance to know yourself, because not all people are suitable for business, some people are good at management, some people are good at business, some artificial calculating, find partners to each other, that piece of short board make up the "barrel principle", your team will have the infinite strength.

from two paths start talking about

of course, platform based venture, there is a company down task, namely the company that you can do this, will give you the task, in fact this pattern often because the person in charge is passive and lack of momentum. Here is an example, such as the Tencent micro-blog, this product is the birth of sina in order to compete with micro-blog, the development now you know, if there is QQ, the Tencent micro-blog is estimated to be over, but as competitive products, at least to some people in the Tencent micro-blog, not Sina micro-blog went to the side of the flow. This is a success.