Do not forget to change business

although the current economic conditions have generally been improved, for some change is not too seriously, but this does not mean that the owners can ignore such services. In short, people have been dismissive of fluffy money, if you see someone on the road fell 10 Fen on the ground, many people do not want to bend over to pick up, it seems not worth doing this simple stoop. Nevertheless, Mao Maoqian is closely related to us, the change occurred from time to time in the business process of our phenomenon.

in my opinion, many customers to find them for a few cents to town, find and find it is not. There is such a saying: "the price to the price, the scale to scale." What is the price to the price, not in the scale, Duanjinshaoliang things appear. Looking for a change to the customer on the issue, they have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, I set the price, the price you buy, and money is not clear, Hunzuoyitan, highlighting the fair, is the embodiment of honesty and trustworthiness, although a few hair is not what events, but the change of our behavior, reflecting the operator business attitude.

is carefully calculated, no change is a price beyond the income of operators, this account is substantial, is the added value of goods promotion. At the same time, the added value is produced by wiping the customer’s oil. In the process we usually run in, we will seriously change for the customer, even if customers do not direct meaning, we will find him, some customers turned to go, especially some young people don’t pay attention to you can not change, the zero sometimes really find out.

if we can remember the case of the customer to come to buy things, we will not find the last change with the purchase of a commodity value in the minus, the process to express to the customer. People, no matter how rich, get a lot more than the loss of the mood to be happy, so the law, to show the customer is our fair deal, we are honest and trustworthy character.

said that although many people for a few cents a contemptuous disregard, but this does not mean that when the owners encounter such a situation does not change to the customer. If the long-term business, I am afraid that will cause numerous customer resentment, will only make the shop business worse and worse, thus affecting the long-term development of the store. So, if you are the owner of a shop, can not forget to change a behavior like oh.