How to do a good job in cosmetics store franchise

is now the whole cosmetics market outlook is very good, at the same time, to successfully open a cosmetics shop, a good display mode is very important, some methods can enhance the store’s popularity, such as cosmetics store layout and display, cosmetics etc..

often go shopping consumers have such an experience, selling the same products to different cosmetics stores will bring you different feeling, or pleasure, or anxious disappointment, display the details are different, will imperceptibly affect their consumption desire and buying mood, perhaps with a display methods to better guide consumption.

1.  display more and less difference

2.  classification identification

the logo is classified as an important part of the display, to achieve the effect obviously. Key points:

first is: all kinds of classification marks shall have price identification, classification identification display. Then: if there is no specification, free products display, you display that is what the logo too horrible to look at; how to use? Should be used in what place? How should be placed before the beautiful and tidy and standard last to achieve uniform?.

3.  display atmosphere – how to move customers

How to move customers is

display mainly covers two aspects: the normal atmosphere of the merchandising and promotional merchandise display.

normal display atmosphere: pay attention to simple but not simple.

to display the "simple", don’t let your customers when shopping tired, tired, tired — take advice, walk tired tired.

display "not simple", we said to display the "simple", said the display according to the display logic to display. The "not simple" is a higher level of sublimation, the same place to display, as much as possible to allow customers to stay, see more, buy more. For example, we talk about the relevance of the display – make-up supplies next to the United States put on makeup tools, theme display – sunscreen products center, mask center, etc..

display "not simple" recommended