What are the successful experiences of Qu Lin

the number of retail users in the current market, but the number of successful operations can be limited. If you can succeed, it is natural to have more experience for everyone to learn. In this paper, the success of the Song Lin, then, he has what kind of business experience? Next, let Xiaobian together to introduce.

Qu Lin is an independent entrepreneurial 90 guy. After graduating from high school, with the help of his father, was located in Shandong Yantai Qu pan Lin Longkou City Dongcheng District near the bus station less than 10 square meters of shops. 5 years later, when the humble small kiosk has become a fairly large retail cigarette sales, Qu Lin not only by Yantai Bureau (company) named "cigarette star customer", has become outstanding retail customer representative in Yantai city. A less than 10 square meters of small shops, can create such a big value, Qu Lin is how to do it?

shop hardcover can not save

Qu Lin before doing a part-time job in the big supermarket found that every major festival, the person in charge of the supermarket is very important to the store to recruit replacement, then he will know the importance of shop strokes. So, the shop in the dish, Qu Lin did not hurry opened, but special advertising company designed a signboard, printed above the "welcome" two characters, the font is far greater than the "small cigarette and liquor vendor name".

in order to save the store space, Qu Lin turned inward the original door into a shutter door. On both sides of the door, also installed an independent light box. At the same time, he also actively communicate with the urban management department, making a light box advertising installed in across the street, saying "small cigarette and liquor vendor", followed by a big lead symbol, even in the street, people can know that this is a cigarette and liquor vendor.

some people think that the shop to do the Song Lin too gorgeous, a store is not necessary. But practice has proved that, regardless of the day or night, the shop is very eye-catching strokes, well attracted customers.

positioning clear unambiguous

less than 10 square meters of shops can sell what? At first, everyone at home asked Lin. Some people gave him an idea, saying that the department store to send a hundred passengers, more than a good total of less than the goods, should make full use of every inch of space. But he didn’t take the advice, and he focused on cigarettes, wine, local specialties and drinks.

Qu Lin in the shop under the plate, has been a full investigation of the surrounding shopping district. Most of the customers around the shop is to go to the bus station by car passengers and passers-by, although there is a residential area nearby, but there are three stores in the District, the competition is very fierce. Therefore, Qu Lin initiative to give up these consumer groups. He said, rather than join the fierce competition, it is better to do a good job of a few goods.