How to eat your breakfast

knows it’s important to eat breakfast, so early in the morning to see the street walking, eating the dumplings are not in the minority, but this really sloppy? In fact, eating breakfast should be a very particular thing. What to eat the stomach for breakfast? Which is clean stomach nourishing the stomach yin especially those, people suffering from stomach, must have the breakfast, you can eat some nourishing food. The breakfast what most Yangwei


how do you eat your breakfast?

1, breakfast with reasonable

refers to the rich in water and nutrition, should enjoy the hot Rice porridge, hot oatmeal, hot milk, hot, hot Tofu pudding, Soybean Milk sesame paste, yam porridge and so on, and then with vegetables, bread, sandwiches, fruit, snacks etc.. Milk prone to phlegm, easy to allergies, not suitable for the trachea, stomach, skin, poor people and people in humid climates. Cereal in the body can quickly break down into glucose, correct after a night may produce hypoglycemia, and can improve the vitality of the brain and the body of milk, soy milk nutrients utilization. The right amount of protein and fat, eggs, soy products, lean meat, peanuts, etc., not only can make food stay longer in the stomach, but also make people of energy

2, breakfast to eat hot

eat "hot food" in order to protect the stomach "". Stomach Chinese medicine theory, is generalized, not only to the stomach, but also contains a stomach digestion and absorption ability, acquired immunity, muscle function etc.. In the morning the muscles, nerves and blood vessels are also in a state of contraction, if this time you eat and drink cold food, will make the body more contracture of the system, blood flow is not smooth. After a considerable period of time, you will find how to absorb less food essence, it seems always to eat is not strong, or the stool is always thin, or the skin is getting worse, or throat sputum is not always vaguely refreshing, often cold, small problems. It’s hurt the stomach, hurt the body’s resistance.

what is the most nutritious breakfast

1, cereals including rice, flour, grains. The main provider of carbohydrate, protein, dietary fiber and B vitamins. They are the main source of energy in the diet, a variety of grains mixed with eating than eating a good. Eat 350~500 grams per person per day.

2, vegetables and fruits mainly provide dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins and carotenoids. Vegetables and fruits have their own characteristics, can not completely replace each other, not only eat fruits do not eat vegetables. In general, the red, green, yellow and dark vegetables and deep yellow fruits contain more nutrients, so we should choose more dark vegetables and fruits. 400~500 grams of vegetables should be eaten every day, fruit 100~200 grams.

3, fish >