How much does it cost to open a barbecue shop

barbecue stores are many entrepreneurs want to do business, follow the development of the barbecue industry, more and more projects, there are also very competitive, since it is a profitable project, naturally there are a lot of people to choose, then open a barbecue franchise fee is about how much? Let us know the following.

1 in the area of 30-50 square meters is appropriate, the price will be based on changes in the location of the city changed;

2) decoration fee: 3000 yuan (for simple decoration, to clean, clean, light, good atmosphere);

3) start-up fee: 1200 yuan;

4) equipment fee: about 10 thousand yuan (freezer, kitchen equipment, barbecue utensils and tableware, etc.);

5) initial purchase funds: 4000 yuan;

6) Liquidity: 2000 yuan.

by 500 yuan / day, the monthly income of 15 thousand yuan, after deducting the purchase cost, monthly rent, staff wages, utilities, taxes, general net profit of about 2500-5000 yuan / month. All the investment can be recovered in one year.

marketing recommendations:

1) to the wholesale market, farms and households purchase, reduce the cost and reduce the operation risk.

2) operation time should be 11 in the morning to 24 pm.

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