My experience and lessons make money on the website do not always count on others

operating website more than half a year, the overall feeling is: make a website to make money, do not count on others.

, what I’m talking about is someone else, that’s all kinds of so-called alliances.


1 site just missed GGAD and just started ignoring it. Just a few clicks (just a few times to see if it would show hits), and when arrived 4 months later, it was K. I do not regret it, because the feedback from other users, even the start did not go, the same is the possibility of K, who knows who will go to my website malicious advertising it? Who knows what GG want


2 later put the promotion of Baidu, because GG has been K’s lesson, he is very law-abiding, never thought of cheating. In the growing number of visits, the daily income from 50 yuan / day in the first two months, down to 5 yuan / day. Maybe someone will say that because the old visitors have ordered, so no longer point, but I know that is definitely not the reason. Because the decrease in income is not slowly reduced, but one day in February suddenly jumped down. I understand that this is Baidu’s Specialty: Baidu do what all like manual operation, of course, will include the theme of the promotion of statistical data. In addition, the February share was received, but the share of the month has not yet reached. Leave a message to Baidu, send text messages to Baidu, but have never received any reply.

3 in Baidu promotion of the sharp drop in revenue situation, apply for SOHU Union, the code in the page to see whether my page is what, SOHU ads are very tenacious display "male root" to be a real man "" XX 8CM "and other content increases. So I took the code right away.

4 has also tried a very famous wireless alliance, because it is best suited to this promotion from the content of your website. And attracted by the income statistics shown by others, they believe their websites will earn better. The result for half a month, only a mere 8 yuan. It’s not that I don’t have a good location, nor is it that people don’t have enough traffic. I don’t doubt their volume. I understand. The real reason is that people are spending too little on the Internet. This market is almost completely saturated. I see. The income figures that were shown to us were compiled. I also advise those who do not hesitate to boast of their alliance friends, convergence, do not brag. Believe you have a bad day, but why do you lie to others and waste the energy of others?.

5 not to rely on others as a warning for the future. From the beginning of 2, concentrate on the content of your website, and begin to deal with advertisers directly. This month received a 500 yuan package, 2 months of advertising, in addition, some members paid the application for VIP member services, the total revenue will certainly exceed the level of the League at the beginning of what. Before I had no confidence, I dared not charge members. It’s finally clear, as long as your website is available