Webmaster what does a good website need to do

in today’s society, the network is becoming more and more popular, more and more Internet users, in daily study and work, provide comprehensive services, the website of every hue be arranged in our life, our relationship with the network is becoming more and more closely. However, in the face of a huge and rich network world, how to make their website more prominent, better loved by the majority of users, has become the site planning, website promotion concerns. Here, according to years of market research and practice, summed up a good site, we should pay attention to the following points: (for reference only)

first of all, we should have a clear understanding of the website. For example: the portal must have rich content, timely update news, pictures and video etc.; professional nature of the site must be "deep and fine", to provide advanced professional knowledge, for your field. Of course, these are built on the basis of online demand survey, so that we can understand the needs of the audience, it is better to serve the web site users.

second, from the site of a practical point of view, the site as " " database; the concept is not the focus; after all, portal website, professional website can be for users to provide professional and abundant information, meet the information needs of users, people can like the same database search. Visible, the characteristics of the site is very important, through the audience groups to different positioning; such as Ji’nan online website, mainly for the real estate, the car these two special groups, to provide unique information.

again, from the point of view of website marketing, it is to promote website popularity through various effective means, and to enhance the amount of website visit. This is mainly from the keyword, website and page title description, website links, and even competitive ranking to enhance website traffic.

generally speaking, when the website is search engine keyword automatically records the importance and reflected; as I do in Ji’nan online, houses, cars for keywords, use more relevant keywords and website. Web page title and description should cover key word defined range, and to highlight the site of focus, the description of the website will decide whether to write users through search engines to find the results to visit the web site to a great extent. Web links include Links, within the chain, industry links, and the PR value high site to connect each other, it can bring new web traffic; industry links for professional website, like Ji’nan online real estate channel main link Sina Locke, housing industry authority website, so you can associate the user group accurate, improve the utilization of the website.

if we say that the initial construction of the website is a whim or passion, then what exactly does the website need for our rational thinking and practice?. In the era of information technology, a comprehensive and clear understanding of the site’s development, demand and promotion, clear what the web site needs to do, the development trend of the site will be benign. In the face of so many Internet users, the website develops