Portal SEO main work

Optimization of the

portal began to have a certain degree of difficulty, first do ZhengZhan optimization work must be very detailed understanding of the structure of the web site, using these procedures, after all can do optimization planning, further, it is also a relatively large workload, and on this basis to formulate the effective and detailed chain strategy is the primary work of the SEO scheme.

portal can never be like to do business website SEO for a few words, the portal needs a large number of IP, IP on the quality requirements is not so strict as long as the enterprise website, and the website content have a little relationship with IP is useful for web sites.

in my opinion, the main work of portal SEO is as follows:

1, the chain design,

internal links refer to the links between web pages within the same site. Cross links back and forth between important pages. The purpose of this is to let the search engine’s spider know that it is the most important web page. Cross linking web pages also help spider find important pages and index them faster, which is very important.

portal SEO, inside the chain is greater than the importance of external links, the amount of data generated by the massive portal links to more than a dozen dozens of Links, and contents of information in the chain can produce a large number of the chain through the external website reprint etc..

The design of

chain link design is mainly concerned about the inside pages of the content page [], to search news network as an example, the text without the link, so when the article was collected or reproduced, it is difficult to imagine will be added to the page links, but if we are in the text and links. When the external websites will produce a large number of the chain at the same time, the text can be set inside the cross connect a considerable part of the common point, even some of the more important pages, in order to increase the weight.

Design of chain in

, in addition to add links to the text, the bottom can increase the number of reproduced, such as a key recommendation, review and read statistics, reference function button or display, also add links at the same time, the chain increased the chances of

2, introduce link

introducing links means linking other sites to your web site. There are two types of introduced links:

* creates your own site to link to the main site,

established several themes small website related, they are linked to each other, and then link back to the main site.

selects the keyword for the main site and links the other small sites to the main site using the same keyword as the link name. For example, can do a large number of acquisition station using the blog program or some other free CMS operating system, collecting items and take the site links, and links to each other, and link back to the main station, can increase the non >