New sites new domain user experience chapter my tenderness you have to understand

I said "the new domain name included in a Baidu: when are you going to do what?" now I come to talk about the new sites in Baidu not included but there is no trans trans / Google but there are included under the condition of process improvements to the site to do the function, impact on the search engine. Hope to have similar experience after the webmaster who is a real reference.

I know a lot of stations, all in front of all aspects of the test many times, just before the line. But I have some special requirements, the first line in succession again to optimize work, so it can only drive a duck onto a perch one step away.

maybe someone will say, "you’re a new station, not a new domain name for the station. It’s not a good thing to change frequently during the search engine period.". In fact, I have taken into account this, so the change will take a long time, and it is only a little bit of detail, it does not involve the big changes in the format. I think such a gentle action, although a little adventure, do not have to pay too much attention to.

, after all, the most critical thing is to do the user experience first. Content is king, experience is emperor".

first from the top of the station optimization mentioned. I put the first line of the top left side of the logo images with H1 tags and title; the right of the banner from the original flash file into pictures, then on the right side of a block with a list of the collection / set home / contact the station on the list. Then start another line to make a non – JS call for the entire station navigation menu. It is important to add a current location and a total station search function on the third line.

home page optimization. Now the situation is that the home page in Google that has been included, but Baidu here has not responded. Today in seowhy there, it was said that these days, Baidu does not accept new sites, compared to new sites included, it is a good thing. Perhaps in the eyes of many webmasters, but also aware of the recent Baidu abnormal. I was in no hurry, because I now believe in Baidu didn’t site to any page of my station, but put out a few days later, many pages on Baidu station I have been in the sky and Gu adult consumption to its database. Therefore, I did not add the first page of the function, a day one or two plus, such as home, total station search, and so on. Because total station uses div+css structure, in order to read data faster, I put the home page into three screens, each screen a structure. How many female sites are using such planning templates? The first screen is the headline on the left, and the center and the right are the core columns of the website, "stock quotes" and "today" tips". Then each column called home page column name are bold, and then pick a column top recommended articles. Later in each column also want to add a picture and text, dare not change too fast, one by one.

channel optimization and column optimization. Now channels and columns are the same template, so at this stage visitors from home page / content page